4th Annual SSC - Zozobra 2007  


     Zozobra  -   A great excuse to have a party, cook with fire and burn something weird...


   It's Labor Day weekend and time once again for the annual Seahorse Siesta Club version of Zozobra. 
Fresh Peppers from New Mexico are key to this event and as usual Fred and Celia had them flown in. (Fred     said the cost ends up being about $1 per pepper).  After the pepers are roasted over the fire pit its a come one - cook all event. 

                                                                                                             Pat and Ellen studying cooking technique...

 Unlike this years Burning Man event, Whidbey Island's burning of Zozobra took place on time, and without  incident. 


                                                                                                     Fred contemplating next years design...

       Thanks again Fred and Celia... See you next year.

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