Tae Kwon Do is Korea's most popular martial arts system.  It is a Korean Karate style that combines dodging, blocking, and punching with extensive kicks.  They also appear to not like wood planks.   We recently attended my cousin Chuck's final black belt test and demonstration.  Chuck had been testing all week; his feet were pretty banged up and taped by the time the final event on Saturday.   The demonstrations were pretty impressive.  One of the instructors warned the audience that there may be pieces of wood flying about and there was; one spectator was slightly injured when she was hit in the face by a piece that flew half way across the room.   It was difficult to take pictures; bad light and you really had to watch out for not only flying chunks of wood,  there was also sword fighting, knife defense demo's and people flipping other people.   It seemed a bit like a training center for movie stunt men and women.     Scroll down... there are several pictures.  







In this series they blindfold Chuck, then he kicks a cigarette out of  one volunteers mouth, spins around and kicks a board in half...  I figure this one is a success if he does not miss and rip the lips and nose off the guy holding the cigarette !  






Chuck receiving his black belt.  

Congratulations Chuck !  I hope I can move as well as you do when I am 67.


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