Boston Basin -  June 2006    


Boston Basin is one of the areas in the North Cascades on my favorite trip list; unfortunately, it is also on just about everyone else's favorite list.   We lucked out Saturday morning when checking in at the Ranger station in Marblemount and were issued the last permit for the area for that weekend.   

The trail, if you can call it that, was in decent shape, with no snow for the first couple miles.  We passed up the first official camp spot just above the tree line in the lower basin and decided to head up the snow field and make camp in the snow well below Sharkfin Col. We found a spectacular spot with a 360 degree view and had the entire upper basin pretty much to ourselves.              


There was a slight wind most of the night but it was relatively warm and dry.  Tim slept out "under the stars" on a rock outcropping just below the tents.  In the morning there wasn't even a hint of dew or condensation on anything... A rare night in the Cascades.  


This was a training trip in preparation for Rainier (now planned for 2007), so we were up at first light, had a quick breakfast, then traveled up the snow field to work on climbing skills...  
                                  Tim and Max simulating a fall buy pulling each other off their feet and self arresting

Just for the heck of it, we decided to traverse over to Sahale Arm. It took a little longer than expected, but made for a interesting loop.  About a mile above Cascade pass we stopped on the Arm for lunch.   The weather on Sunday was actually hot. To give you an idea of how warm it was...  We were enjoying lunch when up the snow field strolls two nude hikers. They were heading up towards Sahale with nothing on but boots and hopefully plenty of sun screen. Both were reasonably attractive so this didn't spoil our lunch.  The women asked that we not take pictures, but said "we could get closer for a better look" if we wanted to.  They guy didn't seem to care and said we could take pictures of him... Very funny. We decided we were close enough and didn't really need any pictures.    

The trip down from Cascade Pass was uneventful but brought back a lot of wonderful memories from my first overnight backpack trip... right here on this very trail - back in 1968 !                                                                          
 Thanks Tim; as always, it was a great trip!                                                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                   Jeff W~


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