Max completed all the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout in April 2007.  After passing a board of review at the Troop level he went on to be reviewed by the Eagle Board at the Council level.  He passed the Eagle Board and his scouting portfolio was sent to BSA at the National level.  The national BSA Eagle Board gave the final approval and all the paper work and awards were sent in late June.  So it's official -  Max is an Eagle Scout.

The last major task (after earning over 22 merit badges and completing an endless list of leadership and community service requirements) was his Eagle service project.  There are a number of requirements for this project and it has to be reviewed and approved by not only the Troop's adult committee, but also the Mt Baker Council.  The main idea is that it must be planned and lead by the Eagle candidate and accomplished by Scouts - preferably younger Scouts.  Adults can assist - providing transportation and safety supervision, but thats about it.  

Max selected a project to build storage units for Island 4H club.  They were in need of these units to keep supplies out of their dog show arena and were in a bit of a panic for this to be done before the next county fair in August.  Apparently they were in danger of loosing points or even being disqualified for having their stuff all over the arena during dog shows.  

Max met with the 4H leaders, planned the units to their specifications, rounded up donations for the material and reviewed the plan with a couple local cabinet builders (that also loaned him the use of their shop).    The project involved over a half dozen Scouts (all younger than Max) and took over 100 hours to complete.  


                The wood for the units was cut and assembled at the cabinet shop...

              Then finished sanded, caulked, primed and painted at our community barn.  

              The final product installed at the Island County Fair Grounds behind the dog arena.

Max accomplished quite a bit during his time in Scouting and was very fortunate to be in an outstanding group of other boys with very involved adults.  80 percent of of the boys in Max's patrol completed the rank of Eagle (see picture below).

Max's accomplishments include being elected to be the Troop's SPL (Senior Patrol Leader).  He served in that position for over 6 Months and was also the SPL for the Troop at Camp Merriweather and Fire Mt summer camps.  Max was elected to the Order Of the Arrow and he completed the "Ordeal Weekend" - which included being dropped off in the woods for a night alone with only his clothing, a pocket knife and a flashlight.  

Outings included numerous overnight and multi-night back pack trips including a 50 mile trip in the Pasayten Wilderness, and a 80 + mile trip at Philmont New Mexico.   Other outings included rock climbing, Canoe trips, climbing and glacier travel training, snow camping, and wilderness survival training.

Max's favorite trips?   Summiting Mt. Baker (click here for pictures), the 50 miler in the Pasayten and the Winchester Wasteway Canoe trip.   (I hope to have more pictures posted some day...)

He also earned more than the required number of merit badges - Which included; First Aid, Life Saving, Swimming, Climbing, Back Packing, Sailing, Canoe, Personal Fitness, Wilderness Survival, Astronomy... etc. He will proudly state that he did not earn the basketry badge, which is probably the easiest one to earn.  

                                         Buddy,  Aaron,  Sam and Max   (Alex not pictured)

I have to say that from my perspective this program was a blast.  The outings were challenging and more fun that I can state in words.   Great group of scouts and adults.  

Every scout in Max's patrol is now over 18 and attending college .    Congratulations !  


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