Max goes far...

  "Max goes far" was the title used for the main story on Max's trip to China published in the Travel section of The Seattle Times.  This story was also picked up by a number of other major papers all over the US.  It was really fun to hear from friends and family who we have not seen or heard from in a while that had read the story in their local papers.  
Click here to read the story on the Seattle Times website

This story was written by Max's grandparents John & Sally MacDonald.  John was the Travel Editor and Sally a Reporter and Editor.  They recently retired from the Times and have been taking all of their grandchildren, one at a time, on trips all over the world. The kids get to pick the destination; the only rule for the selection is that the destinations can't be in the US or Canada, and the trip can not involve any kind of theme park.  
  Max (then age 15) wrote a story on his version of both the trip, and traveling with the "Old Timers"...  His story was also published in the Travel section of The Seattle Times.  
Click here to read Max's story on the Times site

Here's a few of my favorite pictures that Max made on the trip...  

                                               All Photographs Copyright © 2004 - Max K. Wallace

  Traveling with Grandchildren is a great thing and has been a wonderful experience for all the kids.  That said... So far they have not been interested in taking their Sons or Daughter In Law on any trips.  (John & Sally: Don't worry you are still in my will )   

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